Open Ownership believes that information on the true owners of companies is an essential part of a well-functioning economy and society. Public registers of beneficial owners give access to high quality data about who owns, controls, and benefits from companies and their profits. Open Ownership advocates that the utility of beneficial ownership data is enhanced when the data is available in a structured format.

To help with the publication of structured, high-quality, interoperable beneficial ownership data, Open Ownership has developed the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard in partnership with the Open Data Services Co-operative.

To demonstrate the value of publishers using the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard and being able to connect or analyse beneficial data from multiple jurisdictions, we created the Open Ownership Register which imports data from Denmark, Slovakia and the UK, structures the data in line with v0.2 of our Beneficial Ownership Data Standard offering it for anyone to download under the Open Data Commons Attribution License.

These open source beneficial ownership data analysis tools help analysts, journalists and anyone wanting to examine and dive into beneficial ownership data published in line with the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard.

This website was created by Open Data Services in partnership with Open Ownership.

The following open source tools and libraries are used to power the data analysis tools:

The open source code powering this website and the data processing tools is available on Github.